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More info on SL7, FRx, Windows Authentication, and FRx32.OFSIMain.CheckOFSIConnection error

If you get an error like the one below, keep reading.

 “The login failed for the ______ company. Make sure the login ID and password are correct and verify the settings on the System Specific Information page in Company Information” with additional details of r”FRx32.OFSIMain.CheckOFSIConnection – 5: Unable to create RDO Environment. Please verify DSN information”

Basically this means that FRx isn’t able to connect to the SQL database as it expects to.

After my initial post about Windows Authentication, I’ve gotten several comments/questions specific to FRx.  Here’s what I’ve figured out since then.

(My current testing is on FRx 6.7 SP11. SP 10 was the first that was aware of SL’s ability to do Windows Authentication. I expect that what I’m saying here is true of SP10 as well, but I’m not positive of that.)

I think the main cause of confusion and problems around this is related to the Master60sp SQL login.  If you are not using Windows Authentication in SL (which only became available in SL 7), SL connects to the SQL database via a login called Master60sp (which the SL installation/configuration creates for you).  Once you set up your system to use Windows Authentication, the Database Maintenance screen (98.290.00) “un-maps” the Master60sp login from your SL databases (system and application) so that the login still exists on the server, but it has no rights in your SL databases because SL doesn’t use that anymore.

The problem is – in FRx, even if you have selected Windows Authentication, FRx still tries to login to your application database using the Master60sp login, which no longer has any rights to that database. So, even if you are using Windows Authentication in SL and FRx – you have to give the rights back to Master60sp. For the master database, it needs to be a member of the public and db_datareader database roles, and for each of your SL databases (application and system), it needs to be a member of the public, db_datareader, and MSDynamicsSL database roles.

If you run the Synchronize All Ownership & Security script from the Database Maintenance screen – it will remove the rights from this login so you will have to add them back again.

I doesn’t appear that FRx actually does anything with this connection, but will give an error if this connection can’t be made.

Also, for FRx to connect to the server using Master60sp, the password saved in the FRx configuration has to be correct.  To verify this, uncheck the “Use Windows authentication” check box on the System Specific Information tab of the Company Information screen and update the Master Password textbox with the correct password for Master60sp. (The login used to be called Master and when they changed the name of the login, they never updated this screen.)

If you don’t see the Master Password textbox (should be between the System Database Name and the Natural Account length textboxes), there’s a trick for that too.  Close the Company Information screen, and open the Organization screen from the Admin menu. Close that screen and go back to Company Information and the previously invisible Master Password textbox should have magically appeared now. (I don’t know why this works – it just does.)

Most of the time this is sufficient. I have also seen times where – if you’re still having problems after all of this being set up correctly, go into the ODBC User DSN for the application database and uncheck the “Perform Character Translation” checkbox on the last screen of the wizard.

Hopefully this will help some of you.

  1. Xavier
    May 4, 2012 at 8:52 am

    Thanks, this worked for me, the security sync blew my master60sp account from the db (or maybe the new latest frx service pack uses master80?, there is a master80 there) anyways, I created master60sp and assigned all the permissions that you mention and it started working again.

    Great post. Thanks

  2. Peter Hummel
    April 2, 2014 at 10:04 am

    I’m on SP12. Frx is working on the server with WA turned on but not on the client. If what you say is correct about Master60SP has it changed for 2011 to Master80? Why does it work on the server not client and I have made the ODBC connections the same (WA). Test connection works just fine.

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